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Our team

Meet the crew!

Joshua Smith

Head of Creative

Heading up Knack Creative is Josh. It’s his incredibly enthusiastic team that not only come up with creative ideas, but with their full production capability, produce everything from start to finish.

Pro Tip: If no one comes from the future to stop you, how bad of an idea is it really?

Kerry Leonard

Head of Partnerships

As the Head of Knack Partnerships, Kerry has the pleasure of leading an amazing team whose job it is to turn a client brief into an insight led, winning idea that our audience loves and makes the client happy!

Pro Tip: If you obey all the rules, you miss all of the fun.

Kelly Beange

Senior Strategist

Kelly’s role is to understand your objectives and establish how we can help you to achieve these using consumer and audience insights. She’s the link with the content and creative teams, helping to determine solutions that fit seamlessly with our content.

Pro Tip: Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.

Paula Adams

Senior Partnerships Lead

Paula leads the team that helps tell your brand stories naturally through our news, factual and comedy programming. She’s an expert wrangler of the internal and external production teams, delivering outcomes that work for both our partners and the content.

Pro Tip: Life is like a box of chocolates (and everything can be related back to a movie quote)

Jarrod Redmond

Partnerships Lead

As a Partnerships Lead, Jarrod heads up the team that looks after all things across a nationwide favourite, The Block NZ. He ensures we deliver the strongest possible results for our Partners and Network forging long lasting relationships along the way.

Pro Tip: The more you practice, the luckier you get.

Cassie Lapsley

Senior Partnerships Lead

As the lead on all things Entertainment, Cassie and her team know how to put your brand into local shows seamlessly and when it comes to our international shows, she knows how to find that perfect fit that strongly aligns for our clients.

Pro Tip: No passion, no point. You have to love what you do to get the best out of you.

Ashleigh Payne

Creative Lead

Ash is a one-stop shop creative who takes the lead on big production projects, bringing a client’s brief to life from concept to script to screen.

Pro Tip: Your phone will never autocorrect you if you type in ALL CAPS (It assumes you’re angry and doesn’t want to get involved).


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